custom throw pillows for residential interior designers

Custom Throw Pillows for Residential Interior Designers

Designer Fluff was created by interior designers, for interior designers. At DF, we have a centrally-located workroom dedicated to hand-crafting custom throw pillows for the trade. Our American seamsters are practicing their trade for the benefit of you and your clients. Make each space you create a truly unique one, finished with throw pillows that reflect your clients’ lifestyles and tastes.

Custom throw pillows offer a number of advantages for residential interior designers and your clients:


Custom throw pillows allow interior designers to add a unique touch to your projects. Our handcrafted throw pillows can be customized with fabrics that complement your overall design scheme, making the space feel more personalized and tailored to your clients’ tastes.


With custom throw pillows by Designer Fluff, you can offer your clients custom throw pillows that coordinate with other design elements in a room—allowing you to create a cohesive and harmonious look for the space.


Ultimately, throw pillows are meant to be functional as well as decorative. Our custom throw pillows are available in a range of sizes, ensuring that you can specify square and lumbar formats that are both beautiful and comfortable for your clients to live with.

Designer Fluff — Custom Throw Pillows for Residential Interior Designers

Custom Throw Pillows for Residential Interior Designers

by Designers, for Designers

At Designer Fluff, we understand the business of interior design, because we practice the trade ourselves. We know what quality looks like, and we understand the importance of quick turnarounds. We see ourselves as a partner in our designer clients’ practices; your success is our success.

When you put your trust in Designer Fluff, you gain a partner with more than a decade in the business of creating remarkable throw pillows, pieces of tangible and lasting quality. We create throw pillows that we ourselves use in our own residential designs. Take a moment to create an account with us today, and let our workroom become your dedicated throw pillow workroom.

Your Throw Pillow Workroom Exclusively Producing Custom Throw Pillows for Residential Interior Designers

Centrally-located, serving the whole of the United States… Having a dedicated pillow- and sham-only workroom staffed by experienced tradespeople means you and your clients get the very best pillows with the kind of quick turnaround time that makes your firm look its best. Think of our workroom as your dedicated throw pillow workroom, ready to craft your choice of fabrics into top-quality, unique, and exceptional objects that will provide the finishing touch for your interior designs.

hand sewn throw pillows made in the USA

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