Purple Ikat

Purple Ikat Pillows  (Limited Quantity)

Purple Ikat Pillows (Limited Quantity)

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Ikat is hot! Stay on trend with this designer pillow.

Red violet, violet, yellow and beige.

100% Linen | Made in USA

Available in 10 sizes.

(Shown in 12″ by 18″ lumbar with knife welt.)

Purple Ikat

Each pillow is handmade, with exemplary craftsmanship, by an American workroom specializing in interior design applications.

All of our fabrics are authentic. They come from the the world’s top designers, directly from the interior design market. These are fabrics that you do not have access to unless you use an interior designer.

Knife Edge

Our knife edge seam is the cleanest and simplest form of finishing our pillows.


Our self welt is 3/8″ piping, made from the same fabric, that is used in place of a seam to give the pillow a finished look.

Need to see a sample first?

Order a sample swatch of fabric by clicking on the image below.

All About Ikat

Ikat is a technique of patterning textiles that uses a resist dyeing process on the yarns prior to weaving and dyeing the fabric.

In ikat, individual yarns are bound with a tight wrapping applied in the pattern that is desired. The yarns are then dyed, and the bindings are altered to create a new pattern when the yarns dyed again with a second color. This process is repeated multiple times to produce elaborate, multicolored patterns. When the dyeing is finished, the yarns are woven into a fabric.

In contrast with tie-dye, where the resist is applied to woven cloth, the ikat technique applies the resist to the yarns before they are woven into cloth. In the ikat process, both fabric faces are patterned due to the surface design being created in the yarns, rather than on the finished fabric.

A characteristic of ikat textiles is an apparent “blurriness” of the pattern.

This asymmetry is a result of the difficulty a weaver has in lining up the dyed yarns so the pattern comes out perfectly in the finished fabric. The blurriness can be reduced by using finer yarns or by the skill of the craftsperson. Ikats with little blurriness, multiple colors, and complicated patterns are more difficult to create and therefore often more expensive. However, the blurriness that is so characteristic of all ikat fabrics is often prized by textile collectors.

At Designer Fluff, we offer a selection of ikat pillows to choose from in building your collection.

Please take a look at each of our ikat pillows, and mix and match them to create your own unique look!


(History of ikat adapted from wikipedia.org)

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